Advertising Rates

How do I advertise in the Bluff Heights quarterly e-newsletter?

BHNA welcomes new and continued advertising in our quarterly e-newsletter.

We have two rates depending on the size of your advertisement. These result in the following ad rate packages to advertisers who commit and pay for 4 future quarterly newsletter issues:

  • 4 small-sized ads: $81 (approx. business card sized)
  • 4 large–sized ads: $162

We will need a hi-res jpeg or similar type file in order to place your advertisement. It can be in black & white or color.

With each quarterly issue, we will send out notices of its availability via an e-mail blast and also a post card to our postal mailing list directing them to the BHNA website ( where they can read or download a PDF file of the latest “Bluff Heights Neighborhood eNews.”

What is a Neighborhood Partner? Why should my business become one?

We like to think of our advertisers as our partners as they not only support us in the regular publishing of the “Bluff Heights Neighborhood eNews,” but they also enthusiastically join with BHNA in many regular neighborhood activities and special events (Neighborhood Forums, 4th of July Block Party, etc.).

To help highlight this important partnership, we have added a new section to the BHNA website with a tab appropriately titled “Neighborhood Partners.” It contains the ads that are in each edition of the newsletter for easy reference by our online readers and provides extra exposure for neighborhood businesses.  Our readers can either download a PDF file for later reference or, our newest feature, click-through to your websites when they view the online versions of your ads.

To learn more about advertising in our e-newsletter, and becoming one of our valued “Neighborhood Partners,” please contact us at or call us at (562) 546-3067.