BH Neighborhood Discount Card

A new way to save in Bluff Heights!

As a special incentive for New or Renewing Members of the Bluff Heights Neighborhood Association (BHNA), the Board of the BHNA is proud to announce the introduction of the BH Neighborhood Discount Card. Beginning November 01, 2013, all new or renewing Members of the BHNA will become part of an exciting new discount program that offers its participants an array of special deals and values at a select group of local BHNA businesses, including restaurants, boutiques, gift shops and many, many more. Best of all, there is NO additional fee for new or renewing BHNA Members whose Memberships become active after October 17, 2013. From that date forward, the BH Neighborhood Discount Card will simply become a benefit of paid yearly Membership.

What is the BH Neighborhood Discount Card?

The BH Neighborhood Discount Card is a way for local businesses or service providers to recognize and reward active Bluff Heights Neighborhood Association members. To secure your BH Neighborhood Discount Card, you will need to become a new or renewed Member of the Bluff Heights Neighborhood Association on or after October 17, 2013. Once your Membership is confirmed, your shiny new BH Neighborhood Discount Card will become available for Pick-Up within 14 days at a local Bluff Heights’ merchant, Sasha’s living with style, located at 3237 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA  90803, Phone (562) 434-8824 (Wed – Sat 11:00 am – 6:00 pm or

Before making any purchase, make sure to check this site for participating businesses or service providers. You can also look for the BH Neighborhood Discount Card “Accepted Here” sticker located near the entrances of participating businesses. Before you make a purchase at one of our participating local businesses or service providers, give them your unexpired BH Neighborhood Discount Card to receive your special discount, value or deal. It’s that simple!

How will it help my neighborhood and community?

When you purchase at locally owned businesses and service providers rather than nationally owned establishments, more money is kept in the community because locally-owned businesses and service providers often purchase from other local businesses, service providers and so on. Purchasing locally helps grow other businesses as well as the local tax base. From a 2009 study by analysts from Chicago-based Civic Economics reveals that, of every $100 spent at a locally owned, independent, merchant, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll and other expenditures. This number drops to $43 per $100 for purchases at nationally owned retail franchises.

Go forth and shop locally…

Questions? Email or call 562-546-3067.

List of Participating Businesses

SASHA’S living with style  // 10% Discount On All Items* // 3237 E. Broadway LBC // www. // Tel.: (562) 434-8824 // Expires: 11/08/2014

MERRY’S fashion with passion // 5% Discount On All Items* // 2747 E. Broadway LBC // www. // Tel.: (562) 987-4363 // Expires: 10/26/2014

GALLAGHER’S Pub & Grill // Free Dessert with Food Purchase of $15.00 or More* // 2751 E. Broadway LBC // // Tel.: (562) 856-8000 // Expires: 05/08/2014

NICE Alterations & Tailoring  // 5% Discount On All Services* // 2745 E. Broadway LBC // // Tel.: (562) 439-7650 // Expires: 10/04/2014


* All “Offers” above are based on the following restrictions:

  • Cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • Does not include “SALE” items.
  • Subject to presentation of an actual “BH Neighborhood Discount Card” and valid ID. Copies not accepted.
  • Discounting does not apply to Sales Tax, Shipping or Gift Cards.
  • Valid for in-store/in-establishment use only.
  • Return of purchase will reduce savings proportionally.