“Grounds to Grapes” Guided Walking Tour – Saturday, July 9th @ 9:00am

Ticket price is $20 for BHNA members and $25 for non-members.

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“Grounds to Grapes” Guided Walking Tour

Bluff Heights Neighborhood Association presents a walking tour through our historic Bluff Heights neighborhood. Explore its wonderful architecture, historic homes, and traditional and drought tolerant landscapes.

Join us on Saturday, July 9th as we walk through the Bluff Heights Historic District with an emphasis on Architecturally and Horticulturally significant Homes/Businesses.

  • Tour starts at Deja Brew Coffee ( 2771 E. Broadway—near Temple)
  • Tour ends at The Wine Crush (3131 E. Broadway—near Obispo)

“Grounds to Grapes” will be a walk through our historic Bluff Heights neighborhood on Saturday, July 9, 2016 from  9am-noon. Join this enjoyable and informative 3-hour summer time walking tour and explore the rich architectural history of Bluff Heights.  It will be led by John Thomas, our BHNA president and botanist Ken Yliniemi.

Along our stroll, we will be pointing out key examples of Bluff Heights architecture, the natural historic landscapes as well as the unique landscapes of our residents homes.  We will begin at Deja Brew Coffee where you will be able to purchase a discounted beverage to kick off our walking tour. After the walk, we will rendezvous at the Wine Crush where our hosts will offer discounted wines for a special afternoon happy hour!

Ticket price is $20 for BHNA members and $25 for non-members.

Be sure to purchase your tickets early as space is limited.

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