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In this section, you will find many resources below to help or educate yourself on preservation issues. Living in a historic neighborhood has many benefits. Not only does each district have its own special character, but property values increase since exterior alterations are in keeping with guidelines therefore complementing not only the architectural style of the building but the area. So explore this part of the site that celebrates conservation of building elements, architectural compatibility and the use of original materials and design.

Certificate of Appropriateness

Before starting any minor or major renovation to your home, consider first that you live in the Bluff Heights historic district. Knowing that means that you should be aware that Certificates of Appropriateness  (COA) will be required for all projects that fall within the Historic Preservation guidelines set by the City of Long Beach. In fact for remodeling/renovation projects that will also require a building permit, you cannot get the necessary permit with having a COA.

Visit the link below to view the various Guidelines set by the City of Long Beach:

Certificate of Appropriateness


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