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Welcome to the Bluff Heights Neighborhood Association
The Bluff Heights Neighborhood Association (BHNA) is an incorporated organization with tax-exempt status [501 (c) (3)] that serves the Bluff Heights neighborhood in Long Beach. BHNA is a voluntary organization recognized by the State of California as a non-profit organization (20-1682830).

The Bluff Heights neighborhood, is represented by the 2nd City Council District. The neighborhood extends from Redondo Avenue on the east to Junipero Avenue on the west, 4th Street on the north to East Broadway Avenue on the south, omitting Carrol Park and Lowena Historic Districts (see the map below for the exact boundaries). Bluff Heights is recognized by the City of Long Beach as an historic district, that is regulated by special codes to help to preserve the architectural integrity of the homes and buildings in the neighborhood.

Bluff Heights Historic District (BHHD) was given historic landmark status by the City of Long Beach on July 13, 2004. Originally the area was part of the Alamitos Beach Townsite, developed by John W. Bixby in 1886 and annexed to Long Beach in 1905.

Bluff Heights Map.jpg

Bluff Heights Historic District represents a vibrant, established residential neighborhood in Long Beach. More than half the homes in the neighborhood are Craftsman bungalows, built between 1910–1923, but the oldest homes are Victorian.


In the early 1920's, Mediterranean, Spanish Colonial Revival, and Prairie Style single-family and multi-family residences were built. During the 1930's Tudor Revival and Art Deco structures added to the unique architectural quality of Bluff Heights.

The BHNA Mission

The Bluff Heights Neighborhood Association is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to community relationship building, education, historic preservation, public safety, neighborhood beautification designed to enhance the
quality of life among its residents.

Our Mission

The BHNA Objectives

While the Mission statement guides the focus and actions of BHNA, the Objectives define more specifically the activities of the organization.

The BHNA core objectives are:

  • To provide opportunities for community relationship building and collaboration;

  • To provide the neighborhood homeowners with guidance and links to the City of Long Beach Historic District regulations;

  • To host quarterly informative BHNA Neighborhood Forums;

  • To provide residents with timely information through periodic newsletters;

  • To provide support to Horace Mann Elementary School;

  • To strengthen relationships with residents and local businesses in Bluff Heights;

  • To recruit board and committee members to responsibly govern BHNA.

Meet The BHNA Board

Stephen Sutton 

Donna Sievers

Vice President


Kathy Bazz


Maria Kootisaks

Lee Apel

Board Member


David Clement

Board Member

Debbie Davis

Board Member


Frank Ginipro
Board Member


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